Hello again! The path that got me to discover ux design was anything but linear. This is some of what I’ve done before...


Back in Buenos Aires I studied mechanical engineering and worked for 12 year in the field. As a commercial technical advisor, project manager and budgeting responsible, my work would be split in between construction sites and industrial facilities and the screen of AutoCAD or Excel. I worked mostly as a third party for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and heating industries.


In 2017 I travelled to Lyon, France and decided to stay some time and learn the language. Some time became 4 years during which, after attending a course to become “commis de cuisine” I became a cook. I worked for three years in several restaurants starting from the bottom at a traditional Brasserie Bocuse and ending as the chef of a newly opened restaurant.


I’m one of those guys who would rather use pen and paper to express anything and I’ve always had a strong affinity for graphic design and drawing. I’ve been involved in several projects related to both areas though the years, though it was never my main occupation. In 2022, after relocating Germany, I made the decision to give it a try. I began taking online courses in graphic design and dedicated myself to enhancing my adobe suite skills.

During this process I stumbled upon UX design and immediately sensed that it was the perfect discipline for me. It combines both graphical and technical skills, boasting an infinite variety of subjects and a versatile range of applications. I enrolled in an intensive 3-month course which I finished by the end of 2022. Since, I’ve been collaborating with Qweeble, a Web agency based in France, as I continue to inmerse myself in UX design.

Thanks for reading! 😀